Demolition of Parker Center

Project Description

The Demolition of Parker Center Project is the first phase of a multi-year Los Angeles Civic Center Master Plan, which includes the construction of the new Los Angeles Street Civic Building (see rendering). Due to the Parker Center’s close proximity to City Hall, the City identified the re-activation of this underutilized site as a way to maximize and consolidate city services. The Parker Center, once home to the Los Angeles Police Department, is located at 150 N. Los Angeles Street and has been vacant since 2013.

The Demolition of the Parker Center began in the Fall of 2018. Removal of the above-ground structure was completed in July 2019. This phase included removal of the building, the foundations, utility tunnels and related activities. It also included relocation of utilities, re-route of fiber optic network, and installation of duct banks to bundle and protect buried cables (electrical, fiber optics, etc.), which are needed to support future development. This phase also included a graded, temporary excavation road plate, a temporary maintenance ramp, security fencing and lighting.  

Low Impact Development Best Management Practices were used employed during demolition to limit the effects on the surrounding community and environment.  All construction debris is removed from the site by the contractor, Silverado Constructors. Future development of the site will move forward following demolition.

The project’s Environmental Impact Report (EIR) process began in 2009 and was approved by the City Council in March 2017. Demolition of the site began in June 2018 and will be completed at the end of 2019.  


The demolition of the Parker Center is part of the construction of the Los Angeles Street Civic Building. The final EIR for the overall project can be viewed here: LASCB Final EIR Nov 2016


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Stakeholder Meeting - 07/26/2018


Demolition of Park Center Contract - Board Report

General Contractor - Silverado Contractor, Inc. - Contract for Demolition of Parker Center