Civic Center District Urban Design Vision & Guidelines

Civic Center District Design Guidelines and Los Angeles Street Civic Building

In 2017, City Council approved a plan to transform Civic Center into a mixed-use civic neighborhood. Over the next two decades, several properties east of City Hall will redevelop with new civic, commercial, and residential uses, new open spaces and street improvements.

This is the opportunity to reimagine a new Civic Center that is not only home to Los Angeles’ civic functions but also a vibrant neighborhood at the heart of the city.

Design Guidelines for New Civic Center Projects

To ensure that each new development phase supports this vision for new Civic Center, design guidelines will establish development and evaluation criteria for streets and open spaces, buildings and architecture, identity and wayfinding, and mobility and infrastructure. The design guidelines will be developed in a participatory public process – this is your opportunity help shape the future Civic Center.

The first new development will be the Los Angeles Street Civic Building. It will be located on the site of the former Parker Center. It will be the first piece of the new Civic Center.

To download the MFC Report - Civic Center District Urban Design Vision and Guidelines - 10/24/2019, click Here.

Civic Center District Urban Design Vision and Guidelines

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